Climate change, migration and displacement: the underestimated disaster

The risk to humans of being displaced through sudden natural disasters is 60 percent higher today than it was forty years ago.1 Today an average of 25.4 million people is displaced every year as a consequence of natural disasters.2 Climate change contributes to the increase in extreme weather events and weather-related natural disasters, and to the increasing number of people who lose their life support base and are forced to ee their homes and migrate

to other places. Climate change and environmental degradation are already much stronger drivers of migration ows than many
of us may be aware of. This study intends to contribute to a better understanding of the complex relationships between climate change, environmental degradation and migration, and provide insight into current research as well as political initiatives. It also intends to counter some widespread misperceptions.

Autor: Hildegard Bedarff, Cord Jakobeit

Fecha: Mayo 2017

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