Nauru: Climate Change and Migration

Autor: Andrea Milan, Robert Oakes, Jillian Campbell

Fecha: Noviembre 2016
Extensión: 66 páginas
Idioma: Inglés

In Nauru, 74% of households experienced one or more impacts of environmental change in the last decade. The availability and quality of water is the most severe environmental stress affecting the island, as drought and irregular rains already impacted 61% of the surveyed families. Although environmental impacts are not triggering movement in Nauru yet, over a third of Nauruan households believe that migration will be necessary in the future due to climate change. However, only a quarter of households believe that they would be able to afford to migrate in the future.

The reports also say that regional integration, with the development of bilateral agreements and a stronger collaboration on climate change, could strengthen the ability of the islands ability to adapt and facilitate migration in the future.